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July 2011, Bass Player Magazine feature

July 2011, Bass Player Magazine feature

"Feinberg’s original material is fresh and refreshingly free of empty complexity, giving his group... material that they can stretch out on without getting lost in technique. " Irish Times

"Captures the searing energy and unbridled imagination of smart young musicians deep in conversation" Miami Herald

"The performances on this album are so good, one can imagine Coltrane's ghost hovering overhead and nodding approvingly. " All About Jazz

"The influence of that period of (Miles) Davis' career comes through in the writing as well as the musicianship. That ESP!, Miles Smiles, Sorcerer aesthetic is evident." Jazz Inside Magazine

"Back in the day, jazz was the music the cool kids listened to. Sure, it's still cool. But between PBS documentaries and black-tie nights at upscale music halls, the genre's downtown following has moved on up. Cue Michael Feinberg, the New York-based composer and bassist giving classical jazz an indie makeover… a musical prodigy turned into an evil genius."

"If Michael Feinberg’s quintet Humblebrag lives up to its name, it’s because the bassist/bandleader’s self-effacing grooves belie the band’s ferocious musicianship." City Paper

"Michael Feinberg's Elvin Jones Project is a an inviting and thoughtfully swung listen" LA Times

"This new release by Michael Feinberg underscores what a remarkable bandleader Jones was" Wall St. Journal

“Ultimately Evil Genius proves to be a provocative work, but one that's readily approachable as well. Feinberg deserves kudos for demonstrating a degree of tastefulness and finesse that's exceedingly difficult to come by.” New Times Miami


"On Taurus People Feinberg and Hart forgo pulse the bass interacting with the drums freestyle...this may be Feinberg's best moment on the Elvin Jones Project the format open enough to let his playing run things even as he remains the bottom-end driver." Down Beat Magazine

"Like Andre the Giant in The Princess Bride, bass players may not be the main attraction, but ultimately you can't help but notice them, because they are huge and ugly. Albums by bass players give the unsung heroes an opportunity to express their musical opinions. The Elvin Jones Project is Feinberg's third album as a leader, a lot for a bassist, but like Andre's poetry readings, he knows how to convey a meaningful narrative. This 25-year-old is fast approaching giant status in NYC." LA Weekly

"A sublime version of “Nancy (With the Laughing Face)” on which Feinberg handles the haunting melody with superb arco work…An exceptional outing.Feinberg's third record as a leader is his finest to date" Bill Milkowski, Jazz Times

"embracing elements of both pop music and the avant-garde with a strong flare for jazz music. . . of the here and now." Creative Loafing

"Feinberg is able to keep up in such heady company, because his bass lines boast such juicy tone, such forceful propulsion and such surprising tangents." City Paper

"Easily one of the best tribute CDs of the past few years—is well-researched, soulfully executed, and comes across as thoroughly contemporary." All About Jazz


Aguilar Amps, promo shoot

Aguilar Amps, promo shoot

Poster Generations of the Beat Festival NYC with Billy Hart 2013

Poster Generations of the Beat Festival NYC with Billy Hart 2013

"This is only Mr. Feinberg’s third record as leader and already he is showing signs of being a towering personality on his instrument."

"Michael Feinberg brings hefty tone and solid time to his own sextet of talented young players on With Many Hands. Amid his compositions' tricky meters and knotty melodies, Feinberg turns in robust walking lines, spiky upright funk grooves, searching solos, and a finger twisting bop-style melody." Bass Player Magazine

"A wonderful album of beautifully textured music, and one hundred percent jazz, top-shelf vintage. Pick of the Week." Emusic

"It’s the rhythm sections that really shines here. Michael Feinberg and Billy Hart lock together like a nut and a bolt." Popmatters
"There are, quite simply, few players like him. A couple playing today that come to mind immediately are Dave Holland and Boris Kozlov”

"It’s been a while since I’ve heard as entrancing a lead track as “Earth Jones,” the opener on young bassist Michael Feinberg’s new album, The Elvin Jones Project... Feinberg's band, does a consistently impressive job of turning hard bop vehicles and atmospheric ballads into considerably more than standard fare. He’ll be attracting widespread attention before you know it." Jazz Espress

"A lack of surprises is not a problem on the Elvin Jones Project...If one is looking for a Coltrane comparison, The Elvin Jones Project has a lot in common with Crescent, Impressions, or A Love Supreme."  Jazz Inside Magazine

"Feinberg's bass improv possesses much of Garrison's approach in its resonance and agile thrust." Jazz Times

"Of the many sessions that we have done at Sear Sound over the last 44 years, I found Mr. Feinberg's music to be outstanding. His use of poly rhythms and unique chordal progressionsattracted my attention and gave the music an unusual vitality. In this age of mediocrity and paucity of musical ideas, I felt that Mr. Feinberg's music had an impetusrarely heard in my studio." Walter Sear, founder Sear Sound Recording

"These guys are ferocious and fearless. Great out-of-the-box playing, engaging tunes alå Shorter and Ornette. Challenging music played with chops, concept, and lots of passion." Bob Power, GRAMMY award winning/legendary producer